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Wooch Graff

Personal Trainer

Reneé Robinson

Pilates Director

Dean Theriot

Personal Trainer

Jessica Bledsoe

Massage Therapist

Naché Mace

Personal Trainer

Terrence Hornsby

Personal Trainer

Marlene Pineda

Massage Therapist

Garrett Theriot

Personal Trainer

Sara Theriot

Personal Trainer

Jeff Raben

Personal Trainer

Jennifer Theriot


Kelsey Taylor

Personal Trainer

Sowmya Nandakumar

Yoga Instructor

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"I worked out with Wooch Graff at Timberline for almost as long as I lived in Houston. Whether it was Monday night run class, spin or personal training 1:1 with Wooch, the quality of instruction I received can not be matched anywhere. The camaraderie that I felt when I walked through the doors of Timberline kept me going, even when I was having an off day. I learned through Wooch that working out & good health is not just a physical journey, and he pushed beyond what I ever thought I could do. I am living abroad right now, but the customized coaching and instruction that I gained while with Wooch/Timberline is something that I use today in my work outs. When I move back to Houston, I can’t wait to come home to Timberline!"

Regina Shadle

"I have been a member of Timberline Fitness Studio ever since I moved to Houston. I love this place. The trainers are top notch. I have either trained with them or watched them train other clients. I can assure anyone wanting to come to this facility, that there is a trainer here that will fill any goal you may have, whether you want to run a marathon, climb Mt. Everest, build up your muscle mass, or become as slender and graceful as a ballerina. I chose to build my muscles and to get a toned body. In the last year, I adjusted my diet and the results of this, combined with the weight training, have been tremendous. Your trainer can set you up with a program that will completely change your body. They are truly professionals in their field. This is a gym where you feel so comfortable, where everybody knows your name (kind of like Cheers), and where the clients are also the greatest."

Charlotte Prado

"This is a terrific place. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and motivating–they raise the bar enough to insure a great workout without pushing me beyond my limits. Staff and clients alike great others warmly and by name. They have great classes (boxing, Pilates, stretch, cardio, etc.), plenty of equipment (all well maintained), and clean workout space and dressing rooms (amenities in dressing room like lotion, mouthwash, etc.). It’s a comfortable and inspiring environment."

Tobi Tabor

"Training at Timberline rocks! The workouts are innovative, challenging and fun. In the numerous years we have trained, we have never done the same workout twice. The trainers are knowledgeable about new training techniques and incorporate them into workouts, creating a special workout routine for each client. We look forward to workouts at Timberline."

Donna & Debra Cattlet

"I’ve worked out at a number of gyms over the last 20 years and Timberline is the best of the best. I’ve never had more intense workouts and personal attention from the trainers and I’ve never had better results. It is a friendly and professional place. I still look forward to my workouts."

Pat Johnson

Metabolic testing and the tools provided enabled me to realize my fitness goals. Having real data on your metabolism helps inform your choices, both in terms of diet and exercise. Most importantly Jennifer is there to provide advice, suggestions and encouragement, which resulted in my making meaningful progress toward my long-term health objectives.

Philip Lupo

"I am not a workout guru and struggle with maintaining my workout schedule. I have been a member of 2 large chain gyms. I find the experience at Timberline absolutely fabulous. I was shocked when the second time I walked in the gym for my Pilates class Timberlines’ trainers addressed me by my name and have done so ever since. Every time I am there I feel welcomed into a familiar environment and am encouraged to stick with my regimen – at the chain gyms it seemed as if the class instructors were usually out of shape (did I mention the Timberline instructors have 10% body fat? That is collectively among them.) and rarely knew your name. I have recommended Timberline to all of my friends who are looking for personal trainers or just a great gym for an overall experience"

AJ Harris

I have been going to Timberline on and off for years…When my children were young I joined up for an evening escape and as my children got older (4-8) they often came along while I worked out. What a fun, encouraging environment for an occasional drop-in experience for a child! On a day I was particularly desperate for a workout, Dean Therriot offered to help my daughter attempt the climbing wall. These trainers really tailor make your experience and have a great sensitivity for young Moms trying to find the space for a quick workout. This is not a gym filled with kids ever–it’s a professional gym populated with sensitive people who have an eye for quality and value. This is a real Houston find.

Charlott Card

I joined Jennifer's program in 2013 with the primary goal of weight loss, and I also wanted to get a professional opinion on my eating habits. Jennifer started out the program by teaching me her approach to nutrition and healthy eating, and she did a metabolic test to figure out a realistic daily calorie goal for me. Through MyFitnessPal, she observed my normal eating habits for a week, and then started to suggest alternatives to various things she noticed me eating regularly. She even researched all of my favorite restaurants and helped me find healthier ways to eat at each one, and she created a personalized plan for me to reach my weight loss goals in a matter of a few months. I ended up losing over 20 pounds while working with Jennifer. Joining this program was definitely one of the best investments I have ever made for myself and my physical well-being. I highly recommend it, as her personalized approach and accountability system will help you reach your goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

Dave Morris

Excellent body-specific workout equipment as well as a huge selection of free weights. This is a serious gym that welcomes, and assists amateurs like me. Physically and mentally a good space in which to spend valuable time. Very clean throughout. For my senior citizen sisters and brothers: at 73, I'm in good physical shape for any age, due in no small measure to Timberline Fitness

Robin Smith

Timberline is like 'cheers'...everybody knows your name. My fiance and I started going to the gym to get in shape for our September wedding and were kicking and screaming when we had to leave TX for our cross country move. Timberline is a small gym that's relaxed, seriously fun and is full of modern and diversified equipment. You'll get one heck of a workout and you'll find yourself making some great friends! We miss Timberline so much and would HIGHLY recommend to anyone at any fitness level!

Lindsay Mulcrone

This is definitely the most fun, personalized and friendly gym I've ever been to. The staff really feels passionate about FUN and it makes gym time really enjoyable. They also do their best to remember who you are, so when you come back you really feel like you are home. :)

Melissa Eason

Best way to start my day is at Timberline with Terrence (and company!) The environment is always very positive and uplifting and the facilities are outstanding!

Alice Darling Boss

Why is it virtually the entire staff and trainer team greets with my first name? It's one example of the customer focus and fine details that Dean and his team are committed to, making this perhaps the best gym I've ever attended. Great, comprehensive facility and service offerings. Bravo!

Ron Guillard

Top notch fitness studio with great staff! Proud to have the opportunity to work alongside these professionals!

Jack Guillory

Great gym. Professional friendly place. Great classes. Best trainers!

Marsha Baumann

Absolutely wonderful, low key, professionals and fun.

Loris Fusi

Kelsey Taylor and the rest of the trainers are the best, I train 3 x a week!!! I love this place!!! XOXO TIMBERLINE ROXX

Sarah Weissman



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