Our Fitness Expert

Jeff Raben

Personal Trainer

Attitude, dedication and overall energy devoted to your personal health and fitness go hand-in-hand to determine results.


  • B.A. in Spanish from Texas Christian University with Minor in History
  • Airborne Ranger Qualified
  • 7 years US Army as Infantry / Military Intelligence Officer, Afghanistan
  • 4 years Oil & Gas Industry; Logistics / Supply Chain
  • Experienced in football, track & field, long distance running, surfing, sailing and swimming
  • Beginners Yoga Instructor; Beginners Floor/Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor since 2008
  • Trainer and Instructor at Timberline Fitness Studio since 2006


Personal Training



Jeff also specializes in physical therapy for chronic spine/low back issues, martial
arts/basic self-defense, breath work & meditation.

Personal Training & Private Pilates Sessions

All Personal Training Rates based on Packages of 10 sessions


$73 per hour
$55 for 45 min
$46 for 30 min

Doubles (per person)

$53 per hour
$45 for 45 min
$39 for 30 min

Triples (per person)

$47 per hour
$41 for 45 min
$34 for 30 min

Quads (per person)

$43 per hour
$38 for 45 min
$31 for 30 min


Mat Based Pilates Classes

60 minutes
$18 per class

Reformer Based Pilates Classes

Reformer based Pilates classes run in 6-week series and require advance registration. One private lesson is required before beginning your first 6-week series.

Series @ 1 class per week - $186
Series @ 2 classes per week - $372


If enrolled in a current series - $31

If not enrolled in a current series - $40

Mind, Body & Spirit Yoga

60 minutes
$18 per class

Jeff in Action


With trainer Jeff Raben's recipe, A chef's workout helps him keep up with the demands of the kitchen. By Jen Murphy, WSJ - June 16, 2016

Jeff Raben on Fox 26 News

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