Our Fitness Expert

Marcus Sam

Personal Trainer / Nutritionist

Smile every day. I strive to see more smiles from my clients. More smiles equals more happiness which equals less stress - Which means I am doing my job as a personal trainer.


  • B.S. in Dietetics from University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • CPR certified – American Heart Association
  • Eagle Scout
  • Extensive sports background, including basketball, football and baseball
  • Timberline Fitness Certified Personal Trainer since 2016


Personal Training


Nutrition Counseling

Marcus also specializes in sport specific training for basketball, football and baseball, as well as bike-to-gym training.

Personal Training

All Personal Training Rates based on Packages of 10 sessions


$59 per hour
$47 for 45 min
$37 for 1/2 hour

Doubles (per person)

$43 per hour
$36 for 45 min
$29 for 1/2 hour

Triples (per person)

$37 per hour
$32 for 45 min
$24 for 1/2 hour

Quads (per person)

$33 per hour
$29 for 45 min
$22 for 1/2 hour

Classes & Counseling

Nutrition Package

12-week Nutrition Counselling Package

 $400 – Includes:

 Initial Consultation and Assessment

Assessment of current eating habits
Body fat measurements (if desired)
Creation of customized meal plan
Determine goals
Counseling on diet and exercise

  Bi-Weekly Follow-up Consultation

Review of Progress
Adjustments to meal plan and routine
Counseling on any struggles with meal plan or exercise




Nutrition Counseling

One Time Nutrition Package Setup



Follow-up Nutrition Consultation



Flat Rate In-home Preparation of 5 days of meals

(15 meals – Grocery list will be provided)



60 minutes
$22 per class

Boot Camp & Bike to Gym

Visit Marcus at our second location

 to join these exciting classes!

Timberline Fitness @ The Zone

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