Interesting heartbeats . . .

Interesting heartbeats . . .

POSTED ON December 15, 2017

 Something of note – a couple of days ago I asked 84 yr old Mr. Fritz G. to put on a heartrate cheststrap to see how high his heartrate got while he was doing weights.  He does do some intervals on the AMT between his weight training sets.  I’ve always noticed how hard he seems to push it, while he is working out.  He got up to 140 beats per minute.  In theory, that should be about 100% of his maximum. Safe? Apparently safe enough for him.  He may be the liveliest senior I have ever seen.  He walks about as fast and strong as someone in their 20s.  More details on him to come, as I learn them.  He is a walking inspiration and he’s right here in our studio as a case study on how to roll.

Wooch’s second season of Spartan is coming to NBC.  Air date is going to be around June 12th.  Wooch spent a week in Atlanta pushing through a couple of serious injuries to complete the show.  Literally, pushing guts.  The word on the street is that the team was competitive.  NBC came to Timberline in April to film Wooch and friends then spent time at his house filming.  We will post specifics as it grows closer. It’s going to be intense, but, details are hush hush. #NBCSpartan


 Some of you may have noticed the MyZone heartrate display on the downstairs TV.  Our coming Summer Challenge will use these straps to keep track of participants cardiovascular exercise.  The more you do and the more intensely, the more points you accumulate.  At the end of the summer, we’ll have a lottery with $500 being the Grand Prize.  If you have not received the email yet, please let us know and we will send one out right away.  Festivities start June 1st. #MyZoneheartrate






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