Personal Training

Timberline began as a personal training studio and personal training remains our passion.  With an Exercise Physiologist on site, quality control is maintained at the highest level while still allowing each instructor to add their personal style to the program. The benefits of a personal trainer range from accountability and workout efficiency to injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Using a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises, your personal trainer will design a fitness routine to achieve your personal fitness goals, while being mindful of your present fitness level, any prior injuries or physical limitations.

Membership is not required to receive personal training at Timberline.  Personal Training clients who are not members enjoy use of the facility for 30 minutes before or after their training session, as well as towel service and use of the showers and locker rooms.  There is a monthly facility usage fee of $23.50 per person for this service.

Individual and group personal training is available.  Rates are different for each of our trainers and we will help you determine which of our trainers fits you best.  You are encouraged to assist in this process by reviewing the trainer profiles.  Please select any personal trainer from”Our Fitness Experts” to view their biography and their rates.  To Schedule a session, please select “contact us” on the home screen or click here.


Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s, Pilates is a system of exercises which target the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine to strengthen the body from its core.  At Timberline we fuse traditional Pilates principles with contemporary thinking about spinal rehabilitation and performance enhancement to provide modern exercises in a relaxing atmosphere.  We offer Pilates Reformer/Chair classes, Pilates Mat Classes and private Pilates instruction.  The therapeutic benefits of Pilates include increased core strength and flexibility, injury prevention, and improved posture, balance, and circulation.  Pilates is also an effective tool for increased sports performance.  Our Pilates instructors are also athletes and personal trainers, giving them a comprehensive approach to fitness.


Pilates Reformer/Chair Classes: These classes incorporate wood-balanced body reformers, Peak Pilates MVE Wunda chairs, the Spine Corrector, wall tower, jump boards, magic circles and additional equipment to achieve the maximum benefit of Pilates exercises. At least one private Pilates session must be completed before participating in a Pilates Reformer/Chair class. After completing your private Pilates session to get familiarized with the Reformer and Wunda Chair, you may enjoy the class setting. These semi-private classes are limited to seven students per class and run in six-week series. You may drop-in on an open class for $41 per class.  Drop-ins when already enrolled in a series are $32 per class.  The 6-week group Reformer/Chair series price is 1x/week for $187 or 2x/week for $373.  The schedule for our Reformer/Chair Pilates classes is available only on our MindBody Scheduler.  To view the schedule or sign up for a class, please click here.


Mat Pilates Classes:  Mat based Pilates includes bands, balls, rings and body weight.  You are welcome to drop in on these classes- there is no need to sign up.  To view the current schedule or sign up for a class, please click here.  Mat Pilates classes are $19 per class.


Private Pilates Instruction:  Pilates can be very intricate, therefore one-on-one training is the best place to start.  A minimum of one private Pilates session must be completed in order to attend a Pilates Reformer/Chair class.   Rates vary among Pilates instructors.   Please select a Pilates Instructor from “Our Fitness Experts” to view the instructor’s biography and rates.  To schedule a one-on-one Pilates session, please select “contact us” on the home screen or click here.


At Timberline we offer high-energy Spinning classes with instructors who love to make you sweat! Spinning incorporates five core movements on a stationary Spin bike for the purpose of heart rate training, calorie burning, increasing strength and improving overall fitness.  This is accomplished in the setting of an invigorating group class, complete with motivational music and lots of positive reinforcement! Every class is a little different and every class is adaptable to your personal fitness level.  Your instructor will make sure your bike is properly adjusted and that you understand how to use it. We always encourage you to listen to your body and adjust the resistance on your bike accordingly.


Please select a Spin Instructor from “Our Fitness Experts” to learn more about them. All spin classes are $23 per class. To sign up for a spin class or view the current schedule, please select the schedule tab on our home page, or click here.

Timberline Academy

Timberline Academy is our group exercise membership that allows you to participate in several different boot camps and fitness classes as many times as you want each month, at both of our Timberline Fitness Facilities.  Every Timberline Academy class is led by a Timberline Certified Personal Trainer whose number one goal is to ensure that you receive a safe and rewarding workout every time you step through the doors!  Program Cost:  $75 per month with 6 month commitment  OR  $95 per single month.


You choose from the following UNLIMITED classes each month:


Timberline at the ZONE:

5:30 a.m.Bootcamp
with Garrett
with Garrett
with Garrett
6:00 a.m.
6:30 a.m.
7:00 a.m.
7:30 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
8:30 a.m.
4:30 p.m.
6:00 p.m.

Timberline on MONTROSE:

Mat Pilates
with Kelsey
Mat Pilates
with Kelsey
Mat Pilates & Yoga Fusion
with Naché
with Dean

Academy Members please click here to schedule your classes today!


Rewards Program:  When you participate in Timberline Academy, you earn 10 reward points through Perkville for every class you take, plus a sign-on bonus.

500 points:  Timberline T-Shirt

750 points:  Private 45-minute Personal Training Session or Spin Class for you and up to 4 friends.

1000 points:  MyZone Heart Rate Monitor

1500 points:  1 month of classes


To sign up or learn more, please select “contact us” on the home screen or click here.


Yoga means “oneness” – finding symphony between the actions of the body and the breath so as to control responses, experiences and reactions. Yoga enhances comprehensive well being, addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of good health.  The consistent practice of Yoga results in muscle strength and flexibility and promotes self-discipline starting at the yoga mat and going well beyond.


Hatha Yoga focuses on deepening the breath and holding different asanas (postures) to build muscle strength and physical and mental endurance. Sometimes, the Hatha class transitions into a slow Hatha flow, moving from one asana to the other, using the breath as a guide to the movement. At times, the class focuses on Vinyasa Yoga, a faster paced flow of asanas, moving from one asana to the next while holding on to the concept of focused breathing.


Mind, Body & Spirit Yoga offers an introduction to basic Yoga poses and sequences.  Both classes are appropriate for all levels, but newcomers may prefer the lighter nature of this beginner’s Yoga class.


All yoga classes are $19 per class.  To sign up for a Yoga class or view the current schedule, please select the schedule tab on our home page,  click here.

Nutrition Counseling

Nothing is more important than your health and well-being.  A healthy diet and exercise go hand-in-hand in maintaining a healthy weight, improving body composition and increasing energy.  If you do not eat properly, you cannot realize the full benefits of your training and exercise.  Nutrition counseling is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their diet, improve their health, maximize the results of their fitness routine, or lose excess weight.

Your initial consultation will consist of an assessment of your current diet, dietary needs and desires.  From there we will formulate a plan that is tailored to your individual goals.  How many consultations you will need is largely up to you.  Once you are on track and successful with your eating habits and results, you may want to check in occasionally, or schedule regular follow-ups for accountability and progress tracking.

Nutrition Counseling Rates:

30 minutes: $35
45 minutes: $55
60 minutes: $70

Email Consultations & Food Diary Review:  $1 per minute

Individualized Diet: $50 per day, $275 per week, in addition to necessary consultations.

To schedule a consultation, please select “contact us” from the home page, or click here.


Additional Fitness Classes

Love group fitness classes? We have the right group for you. Grab a mat or your running shoes and join in on the healthy fun! We fuse Mat Pilates and Yoga, aim for your core,  raise your heart rate, and stretch you out in our various boot camps and classes. You don’t have to be a member to take any of our classes. We offer both morning and evening classes, so No Excuses!


Boot Camp:

Morning Boot Camp: 75 minutes, 2 days per week.   $40 per class for drop-ins.  $27 per class with 4 week commitment and no make-ups.

To sign up for Boot Camp or view the current schedule, please select the schedule tab on our home page, or  click here.


Fitness Classes:

Mat Pilates & Yoga Fusion:  A 60 minute combination of classical mat Pilates and yoga stretches to strengthen your core and improve flexibility, balance and posture.  $19 per class.


Core & More:  A 55-minute total body core conditioning class focused on increasing strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.  $19 per class.


Core & Stretching:  A 60 minute core strengthening workout that includes core exercises, balance training, stretching and foam rolling.  $19 per class


Wooch 100 Outdoor:  A 60-minute outdoor class that takes place at Spotts Park.  Includes running, body conditioning, team building and stretching.  $19 per class.


To sign up for one of these classes or view the current schedule and instructor, please select the schedule tab on our home page, or click here.







At it’s simplest, massage pushes blood through muscle tissue, releasing tension and breaking up adhesions. Massage therapy diminishes soreness throughout the body by controlling inflammation, assists in motor function and improves range of motion. It is also  highly effective for pain relief, rehabilitation of sports injuries, stress reduction, increased relaxation and overall wellbeing.   At Timberline, we tailor massage therapy to the client.  We offer Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, and Thai Massage. Varying levels of pressure differentiate the different types of massage.

Swedish Massage is the basic relaxation massage that breaks up “knots.”

Deep Tissue Massage involves more pressure for deeper work.

Sports Massage focuses on specific areas of concern, for example a pulled hamstring.

Thai Massage combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines and assisted yoga postures.

Prenatal Massage for pregnant women is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and swelling. It reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages blood circulation, and can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes.


All forms of massage are therapeutic and appropriate for most clients. Clients are always draped by a full sheet during a massage session.  Areas of the body are uncovered and re-covered as the session progresses.


Full Body Massage Rates:

30 minutes – $41
60 minutes – $81
90 minutes – $121


Please select a massage therapist under “Our Fitness Experts” to learn more about them.

To schedule a massage, please select the schedule tab on our home page, or click here.


Come join the fun as much as you want! Membership at Timberline allows you to use the facility on your own, just like a traditional health club. Membership does not include classes or personal training. Membership does include full access to the facility during regular business hours, including showers/locker rooms and towels. “Anytime Access” is also available for an additional $15 per month. This entitles you to entry 24-hours a day, every day of the year. We welcome you to come try Timberline on your own for free to see what we’re all about!


Please note:  For your safety, membership does not include access to the Pilates Reformer/Wunda Chair room.  This room is reserved for training and classes.  However, we have placed a reformer on the main floor for jumps and other basic Pilates movements.





Individual Membership
$85 per month ($92.01 after tax)
Initial Fee of $285
Requires Initial 12-month agreement

With your initial fee you receive:
3 Personal Training Sessions
½ hour Massage
½ hour Private Pilates Session
½ hour Nutrition Intro & Diet Guidelines

Initial fee may be waived if package of 10 Personal Training
sessions purchased when Membership agreement is signed.

Couples Membership
$150 per month ($162.38 after tax)
1 Initial Fee of $285

Initial fee includes:
3 Personal Training Sessions per person
1/2 hour Massage per person
½ hour Private Pilates Session per person
½ hour Nutrition Intro & Diet Guidelines per person

Family Membership
For 2 Adults + Minors

$200 per month for first 3 members ($216.50 after tax)
$50 per month for each additional member ($54.13 after tax)
1 Initial Fee of $285

Initial fee includes:
1/2 hour Massage per person
½ hour Private Pilates Session per person
½ hour Nutrition Intro & Diet Guidelines per person


3-Month Membership
$115 month ($124.49 after tax)
$100 initial fee
Initial fee includes:
3 complimentary personal training sessions
1/2 hour massage


1-Month Pass
$135 ( $146.14 after tax)


1-Week Pass
$40 ($43.30 after tax)


Day Pass
$15 Guest Pass
$10 Out of Town Visitor


For your convenience membership fees are paid via auto-charge to your credit card on the third of each month.


The Hours of Operation for Membership are:

Monday-Thursday 5:30 am – 8:00 pm

Friday 5:30 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am 3:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm


To sign up or learn more, please select “contact us” on the home screen or click here.

Metabolic Testing

Do You Know How Many Calories You Should Be Eating?

Everyone has a Unique Metabolism. At Timberline, we can determine your true Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) with our KORR MetaCheck device. RMR is the number of calories your body burns every day at rest. By knowing your individual RMR, we can determine the amount of calories you should consume each day in order to maintain or lose weight. The MetaCheck is produced by the manufacturers of the same FDA-approved device used in hospitals and has been independently proven to be equally as precise, measuring your RMR with almost 99% accuracy.

How It Works:  It takes oxygen to produce energy. The KORR MetaCheck measures the oxygen your body uses to determine how much energy (how many calories) you are burning at rest. You simply relax and breath into the tube attached to the machine for about ten minutes. It’s that easy.Y ou will receive further instruction on how to come prepared for the test prior to your appointment.

Cost & Scheduling: The cost of the test is $70.00. This includes your printed Energy Balance Report, with instructions on how you can eat the most calories possible and still lose weight. We also counsel you about your individual results. Your appointment will last about 45 minutes.  To schedule a test, please select “contact us” on the home screen or click here.

Weight Loss Coaching

Don’t Go it Alone! Losing weight is a challenge for everyone. We know we need to eat less and move more, but changing our habits is difficult. We can help. A weight loss coach will motivate you, hold you accountable and keep you on track when you find it hard to stick to your program. If you have gone beyond a comfortable or healthy weight, a weight loss coach is one of the best investments in your health that you can make!


Losing weight doesn’t have to be miserable or short-lived.  Novel diets, meal plans and extreme calorie restriction are hard to follow and result in temporary weight loss.  When you can no longer maintain an unnatural eating pattern, you inevitably gain the weight back.  We determine your precise calorie needs and tailor your normal diet to work for you.  Our program starts with metabolic testing – a simple ten minute breath test to determine the number of calories you burn at rest.  We combine your results with 12-weeks of diet monitoring to teach you how to eat the right foods in the right amounts for you, and still love what you eat!


Weight Loss Coaching Includes:

-12 week program

-Weekly food diary review

-7 bi-weekly meetings

-Metabolic testing with printed report

-Body fat (skinfolds) measurements

-Personalized healthy eating guidelines

-Constant support

The program cost is $700 ($58.33 per week).


To get started or learn more, please select “contact us” on the home screen or click here.


The Calorie Budget

A wellness program designed to improve the health of your employees by empowering them with the knowledge and tools to lose weight.


A Simple Goal:

Permanent lifestyle change. We promote lifelong healthful eating and regular, reasonable exercise in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for life.


A Simple Method:

Individual Metabolic Testing and counseling. An easy ten minute breath test measures your employee’s resting metabolic rate (RMR), the number of calories burned at rest. This allows us to determine how many calories he or she can eat every day and still lose weight. We will show your employees how to easily track their calories while eating a healthy diet within their target calorie range. Learning to eat within a “calorie budget” promotes healthy weight maintenance for life.


How Our Program Works:

Testing can be done at your facility or at Timberline. Each employee arrives prepared by not having eaten a meal for four hours prior to the test, and by avoiding exercise and caffeine on the day of the test. The employee relaxes in a chair and breathes into a disposable, one-time use tube attached to the testing device. Results are available upon completion of the breath test and the employee is counseled immediately. He or she receives their personalized Energy Balance Report, our Diet Freedom Guidelines for Healthy Eating, and instructions for easily tracking their food and exercise calories on-line or on a free phone app. This is all accomplished in an individual 30 to 40 minute session. Your employee will leave the session armed with a simple plan that will allow him or her to start losing weight immediately.


Expanded Programs:

Six and twelve-week weight-loss programs are also offered to further assist employees to use their metabolic testing results to reach their goals. These include additional counseling sessions and weigh-ins, as well as on-line monitoring of food diaries by our nutritionist. Participants in this program are asked to enter all of their food and exercise into an on-line program which can be accessed on their computer, tablet or phone.
For pricing and additional information, please select  “contact us” on the home page, or click here.




Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy for all Massage, Personal Training and Private Pilates Sessions

Please provide us with at least 24 hours notice if you must cancel your scheduled session.   There is no charge for cancellation when we receive 24 hours notice.  For 12-23+ hours notice there is a $15 charge. Less than 12 hours notice of cancellation results in a full session charge.  You are always welcome and encouraged to come in on your own to make up for any missed workouts.



Cancellation Policy for Six-Week Pilates Series

Classes purchased for a six-week Pilates series cannot be refunded.  However students are allowed 2 make-up classes within each series.  Please see our our Pilates class description page for more information.


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