People Love Us On Yelp!

People Love Us On Yelp!

POSTED ON February 24, 2018

Timberline just earned it’s “People Love Us On Yelp” badge!

From Yelp:

Not All Yelp Stickers Are the Same

Maybe you haven’t noticed this, or maybe you have, but not all Yelp stickers are equal. If you have been on Yelp for a while, and you have managed to earn high ratings and reviews from your customers, then you are well on your way to obtaining a “People Love Us on Yelp” sticker.

This sticker is a badge of recognition for outstanding performance, quite similar to the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. The “People Love Us on Yelp” sticker cannot be requested; it must be earned.

In Yelp’s own words, this is how a business can secure the coveted “People Love Us on Yelp” sticker for their storefront:

“People Love Us on Yelp” is a program that provides a sticker and a letter of commendation from Yelp’s founders to businesses that qualify based on their history and rating on Yelp. The stickers are sent out once per year to all businesses that qualify. Whether or not a business advertises on Yelp has no impact on their eligibility to receive a “People Love Us on Yelp” sticker.

Thank you Timberliners for the great reviews!

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