Personal Best

Male: 3 Pointers, 2:00

Dean Theriot21
Joe Isbell16

Coed: 3 Shot Scramble

Garrett Theriot and Brent Smolik50
Brent Smolik and Drew Anton46
P. Doyle & W. Graff44
Paul Doyle and Jeremy Paquette39
Imandar and Will39
McLaughlin and Jessica Salmans38
Champe Fitzhugh and Katie Fitzhugh38
Jennifer Junger and Thomas38
Tom Hart and John Beckworth38
Amay Inamdar38
B. Andrews and F. Andrews37
Moore and Anton37
E. Rapp and C. Rapp36
C. Powell & Wooch36
Jeremy Paquette and Charles Williams35
Terry and Jennifer Pung35
ll Jordan and Landon Fabela35
Arnold and Elizabeth Wendt34
W. Smolik and K. Smolik34
Jackie Rose and Susan Odell34
Doug Abernathy and Steve Sax34
Lorino and Baxter34
Dean and Abernathy34
Moore and Smolik33
A. Andrews and B. Andrews33
Jackie Rose and Jessica Salmans33
Barnaby and Odell32
Prado & Leeds32
McLure & Fitzhugh32
McLure & Fitzhugh32
Koch & Stanley32
A. Christian & S. Kerr32
C. and A. Braunger32
Andrews and Ahuero31
Rose & Andrews31
R. Coreale & D. Abernathy31
Nasta & Odell30
Arnold & Gibbs29
Rose & Stuckey29
Carden & Putman29
Putman & Carlson28
Bremner & Stanley28
Thompson & Putman 28
Bell & Abernathy27
P & B Wright27
Leeds & Rose26
Carlson & Trotti26
Bell & Putman26
Koch & Keene26
Rose & Fitzhugh26
Ashley Putman & Leslie Lilly26
Bell & Salley22
Putman & K. Johnson21
DeanTheriot and Jennifer Burkett20
Andrews & Blandford20
Hershey & Barthdome15

Male: Agility Ladder, 3X

Agility Relay, 2 Person

Male: BackPack Run, 10X, 20#

Beam Toss, 8 Pounds, 2:00

Male: Bench Press, Max Reps, 45#

Bench Press, 2 person, 135#

Chase Relay 15:00

Clicker Contest, Both Hands, 1:00

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