Timberline is Featured Gym – Fitness In The Loop

Timberline is Featured Gym – Fitness In The Loop

POSTED ON February 24, 2018


Tucked away in the heart of Montrose is a friendly and welcoming, boutique fitness studio, Timberline Fitness. Embracing the definition of a boutique, the staff puts a genuine and personal focus on YOU. At Timberline, when you walk in, the staff knows your name. It’s a bit like Cheers really, but without the suds. And just like Cheers, after a day of hard work, you want to walk into a place – whether it be for libations or sweaty conditioning – that treats you with a friendly attitude. This type of attitude tends to be contagious, and over time, everyone adopts a similar, positive outlook. Because of this, Timberline is a place you feel comfortable in and even look forward to going. The forging of boutique services with the warm staff and patrons is absolutely what you’ll experience. Timberline, in short, is a model for the Fitness Community.

Opening the doors 20 years ago in 1996, Timberline had a concept that pushed the envelope for its time. The idea was to have a personal training studio big enough to double as a health club, while keeping membership numbers limited to maintain familiarity. Wow what an idea! I think of my days at the mega-gyms; the floor jam-packed with people, feeling anxious having to fight for a bench, and salesmen constantly trying to push more memberships. There is something to be said for an owner who will sacrifice membership numbers in an effort to create a truly personal experience.

Timberline offers a variety of services, with a large focus on Personal Training. However, they have a great deal of options, as they tailor each program to the needs and interests of the individual. They have a spinning studio and give running classes for cardio. Yoga and Pilates training are offered to get that mind-body connection. TRX, Reformers, and a treasure trove of equipment that would excite any fitness enthusiast. An impressive, full weight room is also included, to support resistance and weight training, and they even offer a boot camp. Massages are available as well, to work those muscles after some heavy training and to improve one’s overall health. Finally, nutrition counseling rounds out the offering, advising you on how to fuel the muscles properly. A truly all-in-one studio; you get the nutrition advice that you need, the fitness training, and the proper muscle recovery.

Timberline caters to a clientele consisting of dedicated professionals and retirees. These are people that either work hard on the day to day, or those that have worked hard and still enjoy pushing their bodies and minds. Either way, we are looking at people of dedication and hard-work mentalities. Not only does Timberline target a specific type of person, their staff must be much more than just credentialed. It is crucial for employment that the trainer is passionate about health and well-being. Timberline takes the idea that “books are nice and book knowledge is wonderful, but life experience and the daily pursuit of excellence is what matters most”. Well said! People definitely want a trainer with the knowledge to help them, but getting someone that can connect and improve one’s lifestyle is a major bonus.

Apart from the personal training, Timberline’s Nutrition Department offers individualized advice for clients who want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve body composition or just follow an optimum diet. They offer Metabolic Testing to determine precise caloric requirements, which is a must when it comes to a lifestyle change. Most people who jump between fad diets and “quick fixes” have actually lowered their metabolism to unhealthy levels. Knowing what your daily, resting caloric burn is, will give a wealth of knowledge in terms of tuning a lifestyle that is right for you.

One of their featured offerings is “The Calorie Budget”: A 12-week weight loss program designed to accomplish significant and lasting weight loss through permanent lifestyle changes. You actually do not need to be a member to take advantage of the Nutrition Services. Their AFPA Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant can provide a free consultation to determine which services are best for you.

Timberline is also very active in philanthropy, supporting the Disabled American Veterans charity, the Lupus Foundation, American Diabetes Society and many others. In June 2015, they hosted the Luv Ya Blue charity event that raised $15,000 for Bum Phillips Charities, which benefits children with speaking and hearing challenges. During the event Dan Pastorini and other Houston Oilers were in attendance. Most recently, Timberline donated 8 of its spin bikes to The Center, as they raise money for adults with learning disabilities. The Center is a wonderful Houston organization that promotes the pursuit of choice, growth and personal independence for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. If you don’t know much about them, take the time to read up at

All in all, Timberline creates a well-rounded Fitness Community in just one studio. From personal training, to nutrition advice, group fitness as well as a well-equipped weight training gym, you get everything the body needs. On top of that, you have a stellar team, staffed with friendly and motivated fitness specialists. Besides “bettering yourself” you have the ability to get involved with and support the greater community through various charities and fund raisers. I have been delighted to write this article and feature a studio so involved in both its people and its community. Timberline is truly a gym you can be proud of.

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